About Us

Welcome to Majlis Monitor!

The first effort to monitor the performance of Iran’s parliament, often referred to as “Majlis”. It is currently the only tool of its kind available to Iranians, bringing the global trend of parliament monitoring to Iran.

The English side of Majlis Monitor is designed for a non-Iranian audience. We aim to help you understand what issues are important to Iranians, how the Majlis and its closely associated institutions work, while providing you with a weekly snapshot of what happens in Majlis.

The Farsi side of Majlis Monitor is more comprehensive and catered to the needs of our Iranian users. We provide regular updates on Majlis with a focus on documenting the activities of individual MPs. Iranians can find out who their MPs are, visit their profiles to learn more about them, and even contact them to voice their concerns. This is important in the Iranian context, where contacting representatives is not common practice and information on individual MPs is scarce, diffuse and sometimes difficult to understand.

Our team also helps Iranians track the promises of their president through Rouhani Meter. Together, our platforms aim to create a space where Iranians can engage in their country’s affairs, critically analyze the issues that are important to them and voice their concerns. Initial funding for these independent projects was provided by the University of Toronto.

Our Team & Our Story

After we saw the need for a neutral and impartial source of information for Iranians on their country’s representatives, we created Majlis Monitor and Rouhani Meter. Based in Canada, We are a team of researchers who have taken on the task of monitoring from outside the country. While there are big benefits to monitoring from inside, such initiatives run very high risks in Iran.

We would love to hear from you and welcome your feedback! Contact Farhad with your suggestions, or sign up for our newsletter to get the latest updates on Majlis Monitor and Rouhani Meter in your inbox!

Sara Beheshti Majlis Monitor Researcher
and English Editor